Celebrity Facialist: Marionne De Candia

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Marionne De Candia

Celebrity Facialist; Maionne De Candia is responsible for keeping Kate Hudson and Elle Macpherson red carpet ready. Based in Byron Bay at Raes on Wategoes, Marionne combines lymphatic massage and Reiki to coax the skin into radiance. Her specialist skin care and spa expertise spans over 30 years of commitment to excellence. In this time she has gained extensive experience in the complete spa spectrum; from spa therapist to specialist facialist, to 5-star Spa Manager and also has her own range of skincare.

SA: How long did it take you to develop your skincare?
Marionne: 5 years for the formulations. In almost 40 years of doing facials, I have tried and used many products.

SA: You have an impressive list of clients, some of the people you have worked with are?
Marionne: Elle MacPherson, Kate Hudson, Baz Luhrmann and many more, these are a few.

SA: What are some skincare tips we can do at home to look after our skin?
Marionne: Always cleanse your skin in the morning and in the evening. Use a gentle cleanser that will not strip the skin. I believe in serums, C serum in the morning and a serum in the evening. Keep it simple with excellent products.

SA: What do you believe is the biggest anti-ageing mistake we can make that will ruin our skin?
Marionne: Stripping the skin with abrasive or corrosive treatments. This is one of the reasons I feel we need to rethink the whole “anti-ageing” slogan. This term implies rejection/opposition as thought you were involved in some kind of struggle or fight, with the battleground becoming skin itself. The skin is a beautiful organ that needs to be nurtured and loved, not attacked with harsh abrasive or depleting treatments. Dermabrasion and Deep acid peels are particular culprits here.

SA: Who has been your biggest inspiration to work with?
Marionne: I’ve long been inspired by Dr Des Fernandes, Plastic Surgeon and creator of environ. He has been a pioneer in stressing the primacy of active, vitamin-rich, skin supported products in your daily skin care routine. His passionate enthusiasm for all things skin is grounded by a science-based, results-orientated approach. One of the most important things I have picked up from Des is to always look for the scientific underpinnings of any new skin care treatment or “magical” ingredient.

SA: What products do you recommend?
Marionne: MX skin care, of course.

SA: Where has your career taken you since you started?
Marionne: During my career I’ve been fortunate to meet and work with some wonderful people from all walks of life. Yes, I’ve met the rich and famous and worked in the most luxurious of settings, but what I do is really all about caring. When I perform a facial on someone, I am privileged to enter into their intimate, personal space. The barriers come down, the masks come off. So if I think deeply about it, the most important place my career has taken me is into the hearts of complete strangers, and this is just beautiful.

SA: A favourite quote of yours?
Marionne: I love this gem from Annette Bening:

“Getting older – its really the greatest gift. And that’s the secret that no one tells you” There is a quiet beauty and gentle grace to ageing. It saddens me to see so many fighting that which begs to be embraced.”

“Marionne is beautiful, nurturing, intuitive. Strong and gentle at the same time.” Elle Macpherson