Chloe Morello

Chloe Morello is a Beauty Editor, Cleo Magazine Brand Ambassador & Veet Beauty Producer. She also has one of the top watched beauty videos on You Tube. We asked her what products are on her must have list.

I love this setting powder because it doesn’t create a matt, cakey finish to my skin, it maintains a natural satiny look all day, completely oil-free.

The general census on this product is that it is the best mascara ever! Having used every mascara product on the market, I can agree this is unparalleled. The short, plastic bristles ensure you get as close as possible to the lash line to coat each lash completely without applying too much product to clump. It gives you drama, length and fullness. It also smells good and looks pretty.

This product is amazing, the cream is white with pigment flecks that when applied to the skin magically blend to create the perfect tint to even out skin tone without the look of wearing makeup. This range also comes with lots of other options such as anti-redness, ant-dullness and anti-fatigue.

This foundation has been one of my favourite products of 2013. It is a very unique foundation starting obviously with the bottle that has a drop applicator. It’s a very thin, liquidly consistency which makes it look invisible on your skin yet still hides all imperfections with just one layer. The consistency is very interesting, like a dry oil which dries to a velvet finish. It would be best suited to normal to oily skins.

5. Benefit gimme brow

Well groomed brows are so important but not everyone is blessed with thick, luscious brows. This product contains fibres that literally thicken up brows and make them appear so much more full. It keeps the hairs in place all day and does not smudge.
I use this eyeshadow everyday, as a brow highlight it is perfect as it contains no shimmer, it is the perfect buttermilk colour, it is smooth to apply and easy to blend, and helps to enhance the shape of my brow and the overall appearance of my eye makeup.