One important aspect when applying lipstick, is to make sure your lip liner is one shade darker than the actual lipstick you are applying.

For best wear it’s important to exfoliate the lips like you would you’re face before applying foundation. Use a toothbrush and gently brush you’re lips to remove any dry skin.

I sweep on some vaseline before or a some olive oil over my lips and then I wash off and towel dry.

Using you’re lip liner, draw a small but wide v at the top of you’re lips following the cupids bow before outlining the rest of the lip area. Take a concealer and draw above the lip liner only at the top half of the lip to highlight the skin area above you’re mouth.

Colour in
Take a lip brush and paint the lipstick onto you’re lips filling in the entire lip area. You can use a lighter colour to enhance you’re lips and voila!

Here I am using Loreal Paris Colour Riche 266 Cream Rose Saphir