A winter coat is one of the most important staples in any girls winter wardrobe! Spend some time thinking about what you are looking for; a beautifully cut floor length velvet coat or an everyday coat.

Will the coat suit your shape & lifestyle?
Its important to invest in a coat that will suit your shape and lifestyle. Larger figures will look best in leaner straight cuts and should avoid double-breasted coats or those made of thick material such as sheepskin or padded nylon. Choose a coat that looks good worn open too.
Belted coats look best on slim and petite figures – opt for one with a wider belt which will flatter a thicker waist.

How much should you spend?
Buy the best coat you can afford. Try a few op shops or ebay if you are sticking to a budget. Its important to be happy with your coat and spend a little more as you’ll be wearing this coat every day for the next few months so work out the cost per wear ratio if you need more convincing.

What colour should I go for?
Stick to classic colours such as black, white and beige that won’t date. Despite the array of bright and bold colours and patterns that are around. For a new coat to be considered an investment it needs to last you through the seasons; better keeping something for ten years than one!
Use darker coats for day-to-day activities and keep the lighter-coloured coats for special occasions and evenings out as nothing can beat the glamour of a winter white good-quality shearling.

Classic or trendy?
If you plan to wear your coat for ten seasons avoid a style that looks too trendy. A classic single or double-breasted coat will transcend trends and fashions to last you several years.
Duffle coats are a timeless daywear style which are having something of a revival for autumn – the high street has everything from classic wool, canvas and shearling.
To get more wear out of your coat look for removable hoods or collars to give you the flexibility of two different styles.

Photography: Ana Suntay-Tanedo