Jess Mauboy

Just recently we caught up with the amazing multi-talented recording artist; Jess Mauboy and the new release of her new fragrance; Be Beautiful.

SA: What is the craziest thing you have in your house?

Jess: That would be a Plaque I have that’s 1.4 million albums sold. I’m moving so it isn’t on the wall.

SA: The most beautiful place you have ever been to?

Jess: Vanuatu , it’s so nice. The whole place was beautiful.

SA: The first thing you do when you wake up is…..

Jess: I like to start on a positive note by laying in bed and saying a little prayer, just to be thankful for a brand new day ahead.

jm_stephadams03SA: What inspires your songs?

Jess: I guess my own experiences. I draw on the different environments I’m always in, the places I get to see – Im never doing the same thing so I draw from that for my writing.

SA: How did it feel at the first audition in the Northern Territory?

Jess: Like an out of body experience. I was telling myself I can’t believe I’m doing this. I was 16 I hadn’t experience anything like it.

SA: Which has been your favourite song to date?

Jess: Mariah Carey – Dream lover.

jm_stephadams_02SA: How do you spend time in those quiet moments?

Jess: I definitely love to have company in those quiet moments being with love ones and catching up. Having a good gut laugh is really relaxing to me and it’s what I call a down time.

SA: You have recently brought out a new fragrance? What has inspired this?

Jess: I guess relating it to music helped me create Be Beautiful. I applied a similar process to making the fragrance as I do a song. It’s a very visual and emotional process.

SA: What ingredients do you use?

Jess: Tropical fruits, apple tones gardenia and frangipani white floral tones and white and pink musk.

SA: Your most recent purchase?

Jess: Nerida Winter Cream hat. Lola style!

SA: The biggest pinch me moment?

Jess: One was definitely meeting Mariah on her recent Australian tour, Eurovision was definitely one on a global scale. Singing to the world was a pinch me moment.

SA: Where have you travelled to since your career began?

Jess: I’ve been so fortunate where music has allowed me to travel  so many places! I can’t wait to explore more.

SA: How do you think it has changed you as a person?

Jess: I think I’ve changed with age I haven’t changed internally, just become wiser the older I get. Knowing what I like and what I don’t and I think that is really important.