Lara Worthington (Bingle)

SA: Where do you spend most of your time?
High altitude.

SA: What made you choose to do The Base?
Lara: The idea of The Base started last year. The thought of developing a product, designing a range, building a website, learning every detail of how an online shop works, creating campaigns and overseeing a team of people to help my vision come to life, seemed SO overwhelming. But I believe in taking educated risks, working hard, and dreaming big, and that was the solid base I needed to begin.

SA: Do you think you will bring out more beauty/body products?
Lara: I would like to continue expanding The Base brand by offering the modern woman the best line of products to enhance her inner beauty.

SA: Who helped you develop The Base?
Lara: I few different women along the way worked beside me, that gave me so much confidence and ease to be able to create a business from scratch.

dd470f8da8214bd427cfa971f07f6790d56bc9b2 (1)SA: How does it reflect your lifestyle?
Lara: Growing up by the beach my whole life, I really understand the importance of looking after your skin and protecting it. It’s always been my priority to take the sun safe approach whenever possible.

SA: You are travelling quite a lot, what are 3 of your favourite places to go on holiday?
Lara: Maldives, Venice and Tokyo.

SA: Will you move back to Australia at some time?
Lara: Australia is always my home.

SA: Your favourite products from the range?
Lara: The Base LB Cream and The Base Wash Off Bronzing Gel.

SA: Who inspires you most?
Lara: The girls on the street, the women on my travels, my friends.

SA: A favourite hollywood icon would be?
Marion Coitillard.

SA: A special quote to you is?
Lara: Breathe.

SA: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Lara: I don’t want to think that far ahead, it spoils the surprise.