Interview: Natalie Imbruglia

SA: How has your work with Kailis evolved since you joined them three years ago?

Natalie: I had been approached on a a few brands though it is important to me that I like what I am associated with. Pearls was not something that I had worn much but after meeting the GM of Kailis and then the designer and they told me about their philosophy for modern and versatile designs and also the Kailis family history, I was sold. I always thought pearls were for a more formal occasion but when I was informed that the more you wear your pearls the more them warm to you, that was when I started to wear them at all times of the day. It is amazing how I get more compliments from the pearl designs I wear than anything else.


SA: What has inspired this new collection?

Natalie: This new collection works with a technique called Guillouche which has been around for centuries and involved engraving precious metals. Kailis uses white and yellow gold. Then the gold is painted with tinted shades of translucent enamel and baked to create bold designs. The three colours they have used are a blue, a green and a black. During my Kailis events I have been wearing the blue and green together. The colours have added a fresh new element to the perfection of the Kailis Australian Pearls.


SA: One of the pieces you are loving?

Natalie: The Kailis Lucernae Ring is my favourite from Enlightenment Collection. It literally twists around the finger and I have been wearing two on one finger.

SA: A favourite quote of yours is?

Natalie: “Be true to your self, never compromise”

SA: How do you stay balanced with such a busy lifestyle and developing your new skincare brand?

Natalie: I seem to be able to juggle many things at once, I always have. In past year I have been studying acting, tour a play through the UK, recorded a new album and developed my ILUKA skincare collection. Being committed to everything I do and not compromising is important. The rest falls into place.

SA: What does the Kailis brand mean to you?

Natalie: An Australian luxury company that has made people re-think how to wear pearls.

SA: The most exotic place you have travelled to is?

Natalie: Richard Branson Necker Island

Necker Island

Richard Branson’s Necker Island

SA: A special place for you in Australia is?

Natalie: Being with family is always important, though recently I was in the Margaret River area for four days and this is definitely somewhere I want to get back to.

SA: What is your morning ritual?

Natalie: Coffee and Mediation a good contradiction !!!!! Exercise is an important part of my day and can involve running, yoga, pilates. Being on the road a lot you have to make the most of each location.

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