Rebecca Judd

Rebecca Judd is a Television presenter, Brand Ambassador and Blogger at Rebecca Judd Loves, She is also a Speech Pathologist, wife and new mum to baby Billie and 2 year old Oscar. She has also taken on another roll of co-founder of Beauty EDU, an independent beauty school set to shake up the industry.



SA: How did Beauty EDU come about?
Bec: I’ve always had a passion for all things beauty, so when I was asked by co-founders Ryan and Rachael Trainor, and David Trewern to come on board, I jumped at the chance.

SA: What does your role involve as co-founder?

Bec: Having been in the modelling and TV world for 15 years now, I’ve been lucky enough to work with the best beauty professionals in the business. I’ve seen what great careers the industry’s elite can create for themselves, but I don’t believe that beauty education currently puts students in the best position to do the same. I’ve found that it’s not up to scratch or on par with the needs of today’s market. This is ultimately why I got involved in Beauty EDU – to make sure that our students are able to build a successful career, whether it takes them around the world or to the doorstep of their own business. My role is to guide the strategic direction of these courses so that graduates and attendees develop the mostly highly coveted techniques and skills, and ensure the curriculum delivers on the needs and requirements of the industry.
Currently, I’m spending a lot of time developing our newest offering (which I’m super excited about!), the Makeup Masterclass Series.  This has been created in collaboration with boutique creative agency Hart & Co. and some of Australia’s top freelance makeup artists. This group is collectively known as the Beauty Faculty.
To kick the series off, I’ll host a panel discussion with three of Australia’s top makeup artists, Belinda Zollo, Julie Provis and Christine Gaunt – they count celebrities like Eva Longoria, Miranda Kerr and Demi Moore as their clients, and their work is often published in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Vanity Fair (to name a few!). This is a great opportunity for beauty lovers (including myself!) to get the inside word on the industry from some of the most successful artists in the country. The date will be confirmed in the coming weeks, and tickets will be available to the public. Anyone interested in attending the event should contact us via our website  Tickets are still available and can be purchased here.

bj2SA: How do you juggle your many roles as an ambassador, wife and mother?

Bec: It certainly is a juggle, but I find that I’m super organised and have everything written into my diary – I live by it! I have great family support and a part time nanny who helps out on the occasions that I’m filming away from home. And I do a lot of work after the kids go to bed at night. I find I get my best work done between 7pm and 10pm, or during the day when Billie (my 4 month old) has her sleeps.

SA: How do you think the Beauty EDU will change the modern woman of today?

Bec: I think our courses – the Diploma of Beauty Therapy and our Masterclass Series – will empower women to look and feel the best they can. It’s no coincidence that the happier you are with your appearance, the more confident you become in your daily activities whether that be the workplace, at home, or socialising. I, for one, feel a whole lot better after a facial, massage or professional make over!
And if these women are interested in a career in beauty, our courses will give them the tools they need to make it a successful one! Our Diploma will allow them to develop the base skills they need to enter the workforce, and the Masterclass Series will help them refine specific techniques and network with Australia’s leading artists.

SA: What benefits will the students have after their training with Beauty EDU?

Bec: It really depends on which course you’re talking about! The benefit of our Diploma is that these students will have developed the skills needed to secure a job and create a successful career – they will leave the school being completely industry ready. We designed the course so that it teaches the most up-to-date and modern skills required in the industry. Our students also have the chance to practice and apply these skill in a proper salon environment, which means they will walk away from the Diploma having already experienced the ‘real world’ of beauty.
With the Masterclass Series, and I touched on this earlier, the benefit is that they will have learned some of the most exciting looks and techniques from a selection of the most successful artists in Australia. It’s more than a learning opportunity, it’s also a chance to network.

Bec JuddSA: What are some of your favourite beauty products?
Bec: Aspect Dr Skin care range, Musq cosmetics exfoliant, MAC eye-shadows, Shu Uemura foundation, Model Co blush, Maybelline mascara (an oldie but a goodie) and Go-To – Exceptional.

SA: How do you stay healthy and fit with such a heavy work schedule?

Bec: I’m lucky that I have a gym at home with a spin bike and a pilates reformer. I don’t have time to leave the house to exercise so I sneak in the odd session when the kids are in bed.

SA: You have an incredible fashion style, do you do most of your styling?

Bec: Thank you – but if you saw me on most days around my home you’d disagree (think trackie-dacks and Ugg Boots, haha)! I style myself for everything I do and favour a neutral palette with pops of bold colour (much like my home interiors).

SA: Favourite Quote?

Bec: “It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.”

SA: Favourite place to travel to with your husband and family?

Bec: Paris, or anywhere in Italy. We’ve actually just booked our first ever white Xmas in Whistler, Canada, this year so perhaps after that experience it might be my fave (or least fave!!!)