Jeff Leatham

Jeff Leatham is not only a Florist to the A-List crowd, but he is also a Creative Director for the Four Seasons George V in Paris and has styled for the likes of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Oprah Winfrey, Eva Longoria, Kylie Minogue, Dalai Lama, Madonna, Chelsea Clinton and Tina Turner. He has now added new Global Ambassador for Waterford Crystal on to his list. I recently caught up with Jeff to find out how it all came about…


SA: What was it that first inspired you?
Jeff: I was once modeling in Paris. I went to a little flower market and fell in love with a black rose. Before that I had never noticed the flowers that much.

SA: Where do you spend most of your time?
Jeff: I travel the world constantly working on private and public events, but the majority of my time is spent between Paris and LA.

SA: Some of the most amazing people you have been able to work with?
Jeff: I’ve been fortunate enough to work with and meet incredible people along the way, some who are very well known and some who are not. I’m always so proud of the talent and commitment of my team – we’ve never done the same thing twice in over 15 years. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with Alexander Wang, The Clintons, Oprah, Tina Turner, Eva Longoria, Kylie, Donatella Versace, Tom Ford, Elie Saab, Philip Treacy and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

SA: What’s been one of your greatest challenges?
To keep constantly evolving and doing things differently

SA: What flowers do you prefer to work with?
1) Hydrangeas – build sculptural arrangements
2) Vanda Orchids – hanging installations
3) Roses – romance
4) I also love working with seasonal flowers, it’s like seeing an old friend again!

SA: One of the most pinch yourself moments that stands out more than any other?
Jeff: From being Creative Director for Four Seasons Georges V and creating these amazing installations to collaborating with leading luxury brands like Waterford Crystal, I’m constantly amazed everyday by the opportunities I have been given and the incredible projects and people I have had the pleasure of working with. Definitely one of the highlights though would have to be from 2009, when I was engaged to design the first major event in the in the Galerie des Glaces (Hall of Mirrors) at the Chateau des Versailles since the time of Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette. It was a gala dinner and was the first time flowers had been allowed inside the Galerie des Glaces

SA: Whilst you’re not working, your favourite place to va-cay?
That would have to be Anguilla in the Caribbean.

SA: 2 of your favourite restaurants in Paris are…..
1) The bar at the hotel costes
2) Monsieur Bleu (even in Paris I like to find new and exciting Mexican restaurants!)