Lisa Messenger

Lisa Messenger is an entrepreneur, author and magazine publisher, we recently caught up with her to hear all about her latest book “Break-ups and Breakthroughs.

SA: Congratulations on your book, what inspired you to write this one? 
LA: Well I went through the most hideous break up of my life and received overwhelming support from our incredible community.  Many of them seemed to relate and I made a conscious decision when I launched Collective Hub to live my life out loud and use myself as a conduit to support and empower people as much as I could – so this book was really a response and a way to uplift people and bring joy into their lives.  Really its about showing that whatever happens to us, however beyond our control it is, we are always at choice to turn things around and make our life incredible and to live authentically, with dignity and grace and always be the very best version of ourselves.

SA: How do you manage both working across a magazine full time and your personal life? 
LM: Well I certainly have a lot of balls in the air at once and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  To be honest the print magazine is only about a fifth of what I run now – and its in 37 countries!  I’ve written 4 books and 3 playbooks in 15 months. We have a huge ever growing online platform , I generally do between 1 – 4 speaking gigs a week so am constantly on a plane, I’ve just done a massive book deal which will see me in the US a lot more on the back end of this year and we’ll be launching a couple more very BIG ventures this year.  So, yes, I’m busy but the trick is I have the most extraordinary team. And I have not negotiables and boundaries in terms of my personal life and space.

SA: In a time where staple magazines like Dolly and Cleo are shutting shop, what do you think keeps the Collective so relevant and keep the readers coming back for more? 
LM: My dream for Collective Hub has always been to tell the story behind the story and make it attainable, relatable and achievable for our readers to follow in the footsteps of the individuals and brands that we showcase.  Also I’ve used myself (as a very ordinary person) as living breathing proof that truly anything is possible. Seriously – if I can do it – anyone can!!

SA: What is one of the biggest obstacles you have faced?
LM: With any high growth start up I think the answer will always be the same – cashflow.  It’s a VERY big business now across multiple markets and platforms so keeping the cash coming in to keep the growth has been tough. I still own every aspect of the business 100%.  Like anything – I talk a lot about this very frankly in my last book Money & Mindfulness as I want everyone to realise how my team and I have done it to empower them to follow their dreams.

SA: With all the travel you have done, what is one of you’re favourite holiday destination? 
LM: Bali and Byron Bay for total chill out down time.  They are my staples but I try to go to at least one place on earth I have never been before at least once a year.

SA: Whats in your beauty bag?  
La Roche Posay SPF, Sodashi’s Calming Rose Face Mist,  Inika Organic Cert. Liquid Mineral Foundation, Giorgio Armani bronzer, Kloraine Dry Shampoo

SA: Favourite Quote? 
LM: “Its not the big that eat the small.  It’s the fast that eat the slow”

SA: Describe you’re day?
LM: Where do I begin! Every single day is completely different. Most of my days start with a beach side walk then once I’m at the office I’m greeted by a fresh green juice and usually jumping on a call or an internal meeting. After that I’ll usually check in with each department and then jump in and out of my office for more calls, meetings and emails! During lunchtimes I’ll go out to a Barre class with my team or fly solo to the gym then back into the madness! Ending the day with either an event, business meeting-dinner or a surf. My first three books– Daring & Disruptive; Life & Love and Money & Mindfulness really describes the depth of what I get up to and you can check-in to my life across @lisamessenger