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Duigan-FamilyChristiane Duigan is the Clean & Lean book’s very own cover girl, a busy mum of two and the wife of Bodyism and Clean & Lean founder; James Duigan. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Christiane while she was here in Sydney, Australia to discuss her book; Clean & Lean Pregnancy Guide.

SA: Firstly, congratulations on your Pregnancy book. Is this the third one now you have published?
Christiane: Thank you – We’re really proud of this book; Clean and Lean Pregnancy Guide. We wanted it to feel like a ‘safe place’ for all women trying to concive, who are pregnant or trying to get back in to shape post pregnancy – Surprisingly, being pregnant can feel isolating but after having read the book, it’a makes you feel like you’re not alone. It is book number 6 for us!

SA: How have you been enjoying your time in Australia?
Christiane: Australia feels like home to us -We love being here. Sydney in particular, we feel is the leading place in the world in terms of health and wellness.

SA: This book was inspired by the pregnancy of your daughter, tell us a bit more about that?
Christiane: Our journey began in the circumstance of not succeeding to conceive straight away. This is now becoming more and more common and we feel that lifestyle, what we eat and how we exercise is contributing to this increasing number of infertility. I was generally very healthy but just had to tweak a few things such as increasing my body fat slightly, training less, and stressing less. We were then so grateful to get pregnancy with our little girl, Charlotte – But this didn’t go to plan either..! My instinct was to continue eating well and light exercise to keep my baby and myself in optimal health – but I got so sick and fatigued that the only reason I could get out of bed was to vomit and could only stomach buttered white toast!! This brought on a lot of guilt, loneliness and was hard to accept the changes happening in my mind and body. So we wanted to make the book a safe place to go to help combat any negative feelings or reactions you may be having and how to make the best of this beautiful time. We also made sure we included lots of contributions from inspiring mothers that tell the story that it’s not always easy but it’s definitely worth it!!!!

SA: You are juggling Clean and Lean as well as Bodyism and I understand you are now selling through Net-a-Porter. What are 4 of your favourite pics that you would shop from your selection?
Christiane: Both brands are really exciting to us and we have been overwhelmed with the response we’ve had on net-a-porter – both supplements and clothing retail on the site and at launch was a sell out in 2 days!!

My top pic would be:
1) Beauty Food
2) Bodyism Lily Bra
3) Bodyism Octavia leggings (They are a must for helping reduce cellulite!)

SA: One of your favourite places to spend in Summer with your family that is child friendly would be?
Christiane: We go to One & Only Reethi Rah Maldives often – this is a beautiful, relaxing, family friendly, safe and easy holiday to take with the family – Paradise!

SA: What was one of the memorable moments during your pregnancy and how has this inspired the book?
Christiane: Believe it or not, it was the birth! I was lucky enough to have a natural birth with no drugs and it was the best experience of my life! What our bodies are capable of and enjoying those hours leading up to the moment you will meet your baby, is truly magical.

SA: You have also brought out a range of v Shuster Vitamins? What is included and how was this process of research conducted? How does this benefit women during pregnancy?
Christiane: Our unique pregnancy vitamins is a unique blend of essential vitamins required for you and your baby during this delicate time. As I experienced first hand, it’s not always possible to eat healthily while you are pregnant so for me it was important to know that I was still getting and passing on essential nutrients to my baby. Hence the name: Mother to Baby.


SA: We can shop the book at?….

Christiane: Clean & Lean Pregnancy Guide sells through or all major book shops and supermarkets.
“I go to Bodyism when I need to get my body into peak condition. I’ve been working with James for 10 years now and wouldn’t trust anyone else. There is simply no one better in the world.” Elle Macpherson.