Louis Vuitton Honours The Trunk

Louis Vuitton honours the piece that started it all: the trunk. For the maison’s 200th birthday, these treasures of savoir-faire and luxury are welcomed at the Château de Voisins, creating a dialogue with marble fireplaces, a majestic staircase and naturalistic tapestries. In the staterooms, by the pond, even between the bushes dotting the vast landscaped grounds, every space showcases the ingenious creativity of each trunk’s design.From the Party Trunk to the Vanity Mahjong, each unique trunk is a concentration of the absolute expertise of the Maison’s artisans. Louis Vuitton trunks also represent French Art of Living, which has been passed on for 160 years. Promising an unexpected escapade or a dream-like getaway, Louis Vuitton trunks reveal the extent of the savoir-faire that has continued to evolve throughout the centuries until today.