We caught up with Aussie Supermodel; Megan Gale whose face has graced a number of high profile advertising campaigns.


Megan Gale

SA: What made you decide to become a swimwear designer? 

Megan: Before I had been approached by Seafolly CEO Anthony Halas to start a new swim label, it was something I had already considered developing, but for the Italian market. I just wasn’t sure who would be the best person to collaborate with and how to start to all. Anthony was very enthusiastic about having me head up the creative side and develop a new swim label that would be, not only different to Seafolly, but hopefully deliver something new into the Australian swimwear industry for Australian women and then hopefully overseas too.
It was a fantastic opportunity that I was keen on exploring and I haven’t looked back since.

SA: What has been your  inspiration in this collection for Isola?

Megan: The collection for 2013 is called La Dolce Vita and is inspired by sultry, shapely women from that period of time in Italy and typically those strong, confident Italian women such as Sophia Loren and Monica Bellucci. I love how unashamedly ballsy and sensual they are and not afraid to flaunt their curves and be sexy and bold. That’s how I want to encourage my customer to be. Embrace themselves, their sensuality, their femininity and curves. Having a super confident, Italian blooded model like Nicole Trunfio be the face of Isola for the season was extremely fitting. She was amazing to work with and really encapsulated the look and feel of Isola for 2013.

SA: Any holiday destinations that influence some of your creations?


Capri, Italy

Megan: Having spent close to seven years in Italy, I would say a lot has been inspired by the many beautiful holiday destinations that Italy has to offer such as Capri, Sicily, Sardinia, The Amalfi Coast and Puglia. There have been other places that I have visited that have been inspiring too such as tropical locations like Tahiti, Fiji and Thailand and then also colourful destinations such as Mexico and California.

SA: Will there be a younger range in the near future?

Megan: I have wanted to do a kids range for a while now and I think with a baby on the way it is definitely more of an inspiration to do it and I would love to explore it further. That said, I’m not the only person in my business. I have an extremely busy and hard working team as it is so it would have to fit in with their time lines and also a decision that I would have to make with Anthony.

SA: How do you balance your busy schedule?

Megan: It’s a constant juggling act! It’s also hard with work being mainly between Sydney and Melbourne and then living kind of between both states too. But it’s something I’ve become used to over the years and I have some great people I work with that help me schedule everything and keep things in order.

SA: Your favourite way to unwind would be?

Megan: Getting a good massage for at least an hour, a long bath, exercise helps me relax and also listening to music.

SA: How do you stay grounded?

Megan: I think surrounding yourself with a lot of grounded people and having them influence you helps and also I think I’ve always had the ability to put all things into perspective on a regular basis and realise what’s important in life and what’s not so important.

Check out the stunning range of Isola by Megan Gale here.