Renya Xydis

Renya Xydis_Steven Chee colour high resSA: What’s the best hair care advice you can give to your clients?
Renya: I am a big fan of oils and hair treatments! It is really important to keep your hair nourished especially if you colour you hair as coloured hair is often more dry and prone to breaking. If you don’t have time to do a full treatment or hair mask, oil’s are also great! My personal favourite is Wella SP Luxe Oil which I use as a part of my daily routine.

SA: When did you know you wanted to be a hairdresser?
Renya: I have always been creative and inspirited by colour so hair was a natural calling for me –being able to work with other creative people such as fashion designers and their designs continues to fuel my passion.

SA: What are 5 of your favourite hair care products?
1. Wella Sp Luxe Oil – I believe it’s the best on the market, it’s light weight and doesn’t leave a build up on the hair leaves the hair shiny and smells divine.
2. The Cloud Nine Waving Wand – Great for creating texture and movement, the Waving Wand is my go-to tool and I use it most mornings!
3. Wella Ocean Spritz – A sea salt spray that gives the hair texture and grit making styling so much easy and giving it staying power.
4. Wella Professional’s Luxe Oil Keratin Restore masque- great for damaged hair. Using this twice a week keeps your hair protected, nourished and restored back to its original condition.
5. The Cloud Nine Micro Wand – This is a great little hot tool that is perfect for when I go travelling and because of the unique minerals used on the plates, it adds shine to your hair without the damage!

SA: Who inspires you?
Renya: Eugine Solomon and Cate Blanchett

SA: Favourite holiday destination?
Renya: The Amalfi Coast

SA: The way you would unwind would be?
Renya: I love spending time with my family, my two sons and husband. Anything with family…

SA: One of your favourite clients you have worked for?
Renya: Cate Blanchett