Schiaparelli Paris Haute Couture SS22

Creative Director Daniel Roseberry proves he’s world’s ahead of current trends with his show that kick-started the Haute Couture week.

A minimalist palette of black, white and gold allowed Roseberry’s vision to be even more powerful and shine brighter than ever while conjuring an elemental expression of god-like gorgeousness.

Ephemeral movements help shape this collection as an orbital space odyssey. Saturn rings float effortlessly around shoulders and bags, feather headdresses dance as though sentient and a shower of gold strands rain down around a black cocktail dress like living tendrils.

Roseberry’s quintessential use of gold is more prescient than ever. This season, cascades of coral-like forms encage arms, necks and, at times, entire bodies in lieu of any fabric at all. This elegance transcends to never-before reached realms of fashion, perfectly paired with gala-ready gowns.