Stephane Rolland

The influence of the Spanish golden age was interpreted through Stephane Rolland’s own aesthetic. A return to elegance as black, white and gold gowns graced down the runway.

“I always start with a square and a circle, because that, for me, is absolute perfection. You have the square, the quadrature, force, density, rigor, and with the circle, you have perfection, the infinite, balance — there is nothing as perfect as a circle,” said Rolland.

The collection offered Rolland’s signature floor-length, body-hugging dresses, and an abundance of pants and jumpsuits, dressed up with cascades of chains and woven, black leather belts.

A stunning array of gold crystal headpieces framing the head with large swirling petals kept the audience captivated.

“It’s a collection full of force, glamour — lots of things — first of all because it’s during nightmare periods that you have to be the most positive and the most creative, right? And it was out of the question that we skip a season,” he said.

Stephane Rolland Couture Spring 2021