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The Game Changers

My co-author; Samantha Brett and I have just released our third edition of The Game Changers book.

From our journey’s around the globe, we have chosen a few distinctive women, whose pertinent qualities show that they are fearless in their pursuits, unafraid to chase after their dreams and do not let challenges deter them or naysayers get in their way. 

The women featured in The Game Changers share what really goes on behind the scenes of their glamorous lives as they delve into the challenges, difficulties and secrets to their success, giving you tips and tools along the way to help you follow your dreams without any fear. 

In this third edition of the Game Changers, you’ll hear from the likes of Charlotte Tilbury, Barbara Sturm, Elle MacPherson, Meghan Markle, Arianna Huffington, Rachel Zoe, Aerin Lauder, India Hicks, Marianna Hewitt, Olivia Palermo, Noella Musunka, Kristin Cavallari, Sophia Webster, Tamara Ralph and many more. 

Get inspired by the women you know and love, as they arm you with their tips and tools to help you live your best life.