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The Game Changers

My co-author; Samantha Brett and I have just released our third edition of The Game Changers book. From our journey’s around the globe, we have chosen a few distinctive women, whose pertinent qualities show that they are fearless in their pursuits, unafraid to chase after their dreams and do not let challenges deter them or …


Jess Mauboy

Just recently we caught up with the amazing multi-talented recording artist; Jess Mauboy and the new release of her new fragrance; Be Beautiful. SA: What is the craziest thing you have in your house? Jess: That would be a Plaque I have that’s 1.4 million albums sold. I’m moving so it isn’t on the wall. SA: The most beautiful …


Ralph & Russo

You launched Ralph & Russo in 2007, tell us about how you formed your partnership, how did you first meet? Michael Russo: Tamara and I quite literally bumped into each other on the King’s Road in London and started talking, naturally bonding over our native accents. I had just sold a business in London and …

Beauty Interviews Lifestyle

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is a professional makeup artist and the founder and CCO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Bobbi Brown has written eight books about makeup and beauty. Here she talks about what inspired her holistic approach to beauty in a collection of six treatments that target specific complexion concerns. “Remedies is the perfect fusion of beauty …



Fashion designer, Rebecca Vallance talks to us about her passions, lifestyle and what inspires her most. What inspired your new collection? Rebecca: My SS12 Collection was inspired by Palm Springs, California circa 1960’s. Back then Palm Springs was the playground for Hollywood’s biggest stars. Late last year I travelled to Palm Springs and was fascinated …

Interviews Lifestyle

Natasha Oakley

SA: What are your 5 tips of living a balanced lifestyle? Tash: Firstly, stay active. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, being fit and healthy is optimum. So if you’re on the beach, go for a run or a swim! Secondly, keep in mind those important to you. The people you surround …


Megan Hess

If you have ever wondered who was the creative genius behind all those famous illustrations sported by Tiffany’s, Paspaley Pearls, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel & Dior you can now look no further. We caught up with Megan Hess and found out how she began her famous career as an illustrator. How did it all begin? …


Interview: Eva Green

French actress and Model; Eva Green is most notably known for filming along side Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. The one women to have stolen his heart. Here she talks about what it was like being the leading lady for the latest Campari Calendar.


Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 9.23.00 AMSA: Congratulations on becoming the leading lady for Campari, How do you think the style of the brand has evolved over the last 150 years?

Eva: Thank you. It was a huge honor. The Campari Calendar is renowned all over the world and is a work of art that I myself have admired for many years. Some incredibly talented and beautiful women have starred in previous editions, from Uma Thurman and Penelope Cruz to Jessica Alba, so I’m really honoured to have been part of that history too. It is such a privilege to work with a brand like Campari, which carries with it such a rich and interesting history, yet remains to be timeless with some of the best-loved cocktails remaining on trend even today. I think that says a lot for the styling of the brand too in that it has obviously evolved with the ages but at every point has remained contemporary and on trend – this is probably why it is still such a worldwide icon today.

SA: How did you feel about this year’s theme? Why do you think you were chosen to star in this year’s Calendar?
Eva: This year’s theme ‘Mythology Mixology’ had me hooked on the project from day one. The whole Calendar is very much a visual narrative, revealing the creation stories behind 12 of Campari’s best loved classic cocktails. As an actress, I am very used to bringing scripts and stories to life through characters, so perhaps that’s why they chose me. Unlike with TV or film though, we had to capture the stories in just one shot. There is something very intriguing and complex in that but Julia’s (the photographer) vision and skill is what really brought this project to life.

SA: What does the Campari Calendar mean to you?
Eva: For me, the project was about so much more than simply having my picture taken. I for one learned so much from this shoot and it was so interesting to delve into the history behind the Campari brand and its cocktails. It’s made me think about the art of telling stories very differently. Like I say, I am very used to recreating stories as an actress, but working with Julia on this shoot opened my eyes to the art of photography as a story-telling platform. It really is a work of art and I hope everyone loves it as much as I do.

SA: As an actor, who do you look to most for inspiration when you are playing a role?
Eva: I look to actors and filmmakers who inspire me. I’ve worked with Tim Burton before and am about to work with him again – he inspires me a lot.

SA: Has your life changed a lot since when you began in 2001?
Eva: My life has changed – I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people on some amazing projects; but I’m still very much the same as I always have been.

SA: Do you get any down time? How do you spend it?
Eva: Cinema is my passion so I love going to see a movie with friends when I’m not shooting. I like going out for dinner with friends in London and enjoying an aperitif together. Growing up in France that was something that was always very popular and enjoying an aperitif moment has remained with me in my adult life.

SA: Always love a good Aperitif! What was it like shooting Casino Royale? Was it slightly intimidating filming alongside Daniel Craig?
Eva: It was an honour. I loved making the film; I loved working with Daniel and the rest of the team. Was it a dream come true? No, definitely not, in fact I’d never really seen a James Bond film before I joined the cast of Casino Royale! That said, I do know that Bond is also a Campari fan – He likes Negroni and Americano I believe!

SA: Who most inspires you?
Eva: In a professional sense, Tim Burton. Personally, it has to be my mother.

SA: One of your favourite cocktails from Campari would be?
Eva: I love the story of the Negroni Sbagliato and how it was created by accident. The Negroni Sbagliato was created in Milan in 1972 when the bar tender accidentally grabbed a bottle of sparkling wine instead of gin and the Sbagliato was born! Such accidents can become the very best things in life.

SA: Your ultimate destination for a holiday is?
Eva: I love South Africa and Sri Lanka.